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Welcome to St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church! We are a Church Parish located on the outskirts of Long Point. Below are the profiles of our three Parish priests:

Fr Mina Kamel
Fr Paula Balamon
Fr Paul Fanous



Fr Mina is THE oldest Coptic priest in Sydney! He was ordained in 1972 and has been serving the congregation of St Abraam Church for many years! Fr Mina has helped found a number of Churches here. May God bless him and all his efforts!



Fr Paula was ordained in the year 2002. He has been serving the congregation of St Abraam for many years! May God bless him for all his hard work!



Fr Paul was ordained by HG Bishop Daniel in 2014. Under the tutelage of Fr Mina and Fr Paula, Fr Paul has begun to serve the congregation of St Abraam, specifically its youth.

We pray that God blesses him as well as his wonderful service.

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