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St Abraam Revival
June 1, 2023

The Feast of our beloved patron Saint, St Abraam, will be on Saturday 10/06. 

To celebrate this feast we will have both an Arabic and English Revival and an open day on 11/06:

1. Arabic - 10 day revival - 01/06 - 10/06 with daily liturgies in the mornings, and praises and talks in the evenings. The program is below. 
2. English - 3 day revival - 07/06 - 09/06 - with daily morning liturgies, and a debate on 07/06 with St Marks Church, Tasbeha on 08/06, and a talk and late Liturgy on 09/06 (program below).
3. Open day - Sunday 11/06 - from 11am - 2pm - with animal farm, jumping castles, activities, sports and more. More details and cost will be confirmed and advertised shortly. 

Please join us for this revival and Feast of our great patron Saint, St Abraam.

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Email announcement link 
June 13, 2021

Please use the following link if you would like to subscribe, or if you know anyone who would like to subscribe, to the email announcements:


God bless you,
St Abraam Church

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